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Product name : Borancit prolong love spray
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Borancit prolong love spray lubricants, offer you vitality of sex fun. This is herb extracted,so no side effect and no dependency.

Borancit long love spray lubricants

Brand: Borancit
Other Name: body spray

Type: Water based

Flavor: None

Language: English and Chinese

Specification: 5mg

Pack: 5mg/spray/box

Material: Natural herbal essence extracts of plants and animals, cationic surfactants, anionic surfactants, nonionic surfactants bisexual, purified wate


Storage: Store in a cool dry place, and out of reach of Children

Use Instruction:

Spray the lube direct to glans of penis 15 minutes before sex.

2: We suggest it is better spray less than 3 times each time.



1 :The long love sex lubricant is workable for 80% man, but we can’t make sure it’s workable for 100% man because of the difference of each man’s body situation.

2: It’s not allowed for Women/Children and the man who suffer high blood pressure and related disease.

3: We suggest ask for doctor if there is uncomfortable.

we also can custom produce clients own logo prolong love spray, please inquiry by email, we can contact details by email.

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