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Product name : Spiked Condom
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Condom Type

Spike condom can offer women extreme and stimulative feeling of love. it is used for women who suffer from low libido or after have baby and decreased clitoris sensitivity in order to help reaching climax.

Other Names

Teeth condom, spiki condom, spiked condom, alien condom, extreme love condom, fun condoms, novelty condom,creative condom,Tickle condoms, tickling condom  


Natural latex;


EN ISO4074; GB7544-2011; WHO



Overall Length

Maximum 160mm / 180mm

Flat Width

52 + / -2mm




Natural color or at the buyers requirements.

We suggest the quantity up to 2 million pcs if you want to have special color dotted condom.


Banana / apple / strawberry/ chocolate etc;

you also can send us your flavor, we check with our flavor supplier if they can supply us.


1pc/wallet; 3pcs/wallet; 3pcs/box; 10pcs/box; 12pcs/box; 144pcs/box; in bulk.

We current also can offer clients spike condom in blister pack, which is one side transparent, and we can print clients logo sticker on the back side, this pack is beautiful, so it's better for promotion use.

Metal box, or please send us your packing samples, we can check if we can supply you.

If spike condom safe?

Some consumer maybe doubt spike condom if safe, if the spike can drop off, you can use it freely. The spike condom burst pressure is 5%-8% less than regular condom, such as ISO 4074 and EN CE standard need 1kpa, our regualr condom burst pressure is 2.2-2.5kpa, spike condom burst pressure at 2-2.3kpa. this still is enough up the world standard.

According to our more than 10 years spike condom marketing experience in world market, it is the top selling condom in our company full range condom, it is new, funny, alien, and practical condom. More than 10 years experience also proves it is safe condom.


How many types spike condom you have?

We have total 17 types spike condom, and we also can custom produce your idea spike condom, and some of our current spike condom also from clients ideas, this make our spike condom types more and more. Please email us if you want to see each type spike condom photo.


My quantity is few, if you have your brand spike condom?

Yes, you can. Our brand condom is Romeo spike condom, the MOQ is 1 box. Please email us if want to see the Romeo spike condom price list.


My quantity is few, but I still want to have own brand spike condom, ok?

We suggest you use own logo box and our neutral spike condom wrapper, we only charge us$500 for custom box setup fee. The MOQ is also 1 box if you agree to pay the us$500 own box setup fee. But we suggest the quantity up to 10,000 pcs at least, this quantity will make your average cost in better way.

Could you produce my shape spike condom?

We are pleasure to custom produce your shape spike condom, but you'd better send us your shape draft picture at first, let's check if have production possibility.

Could you supply teeth condom in blank silver wrapper without any print?

Yes, we can offer you 6x9cm blank silver/blue/golden color wrapper without any print, half side is transparent. And we suggest not print LOT EXP if blank wrapper.



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