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Condom FAQ

1 Could I have own brand condom and Sex Lubricants?
Yes, Private label production is our main business.

2 What's the MOQ if I want to have own brand condom and Lubricants?

If you need condom: the MOQ is 100,000 pcs.
If you need lubricants in pump: the MOQ is 1000 pumps.
If you need lubricants in tube:  the MOQ is 10,000 tubes.
If you need lubricants in sachet: the MOQ is 50,000 sachets.

3 What's the production time of have own brand condom and Sex Lubricants?
It will need 35-40 days.

4 What's your payment terms?
30% as deposit in advance, balance before shippment. Good credit clients workable for balance payment against Bill of Loading or LC. we will send sample or photo after order near complete, clients can send us the balance after satisfied with the order.

5 Which file format need in print when I want to custom condom production?
Our printer need original design file, ai, cdr, pdf, psd formats are workable for our printer. And we suggest all the files are orignal files, all the layers not compound, they are one by one layers, and it is better send us font outline files.

6 Can you supply non-latex condom?
We only can supply you non-latex female condom which is polyurethane material, and we current don't have non-latex male condom. Some clients also inquiry us if we can produce synthetic latex condom, frankly this type latex is not better for condom production, natural latex rubber is the best choice now for condom. so we suggest use natural latex rubber condom is the best option now.

Personal Lubricants FAQ

1 How many types Sex Lubricants your company can offer?
Water based sex lubricants
Extra long lasting sex lubricants
Long Love sex lubricants
white cream lubricants
Warming lubricants
Cooling lubricants
Flavored lubricants

2: How many type personal lubricants package in your company offer?
Sachet: 5mg -10mg
Tube: 30-200mg

3: Could you supply personal lubricants in applicator?
Yes, we can supply lubricants in applicator, it's also ok to print your logo on applicator, it's better put the applicator in a plastic and then put in box.

4: What's the MOQ if I want to have personal lubricants in own mark pack?
As for sachet: the MOQ is 50,000 pcs.
As for the tube: the MOQ is 10,000 pcs.
As for the pump: the MOQ is 5000 pcs.
The MOQ quantity can make the personal lubricants package's custom production cost at better average level, we also can accept less than MOQ personal lubricant custom production order, but the average cost will higher than regular price, Could you accpet it? if yes, we also can cooperate with you.

5: Could you supply hot/warming lubricants or cold/cooling lubricants?
Yes, we can. we can offer you sample at first to check if you like it. we can supply you after you agree with our quality. custom orders also accpeted.

Spike Condom FAQ

1 If spike condom safe?
Spike condom is safe. we test the spike condom each LOT production, the dimension/visual defects and pin hole is same as normal condom, just the blast volume and pressure is 8% less than the normal condom due to the spikes around the condom, but it's enough up the CE standard, such as the CE standard's pressure is 1kpa, the normal one is 2.5kpa, the spike condom is 2.3kpa. So we can use spike condom freely. 

2 Could I have my own brand spike condom?
Yes, we can produce the spike condom in your own brand. The cost as followings:
The spike condom unit price can refer our price list.
One custom box print setup charge:us$500
One custom foil wrapper print setup charge: us$1500.

In order to make the average cost in effective way, we suggest followings:
Quantity less than 10,000 pcs: We suggest you buy our Romeo brand spike condom, which also don't printed with company contact information.
Quantity between 10,000 pcs and 50,000 pcs, we suggest you use our neutral foil wrapper and custom logo box, this only cost extra custom box setup charge us$500.
Quantity more than 50,000 pcs, we suggest have own logo foil wrapper and box.

3 If spike condom is reusable condom?
Spike condom is one time use, we don't suggest use it more than twice.
In fact, some consumer tell us they always wash it clearly to prepare for next use, but as a spike condom manufacturer, we don't suggest this way, it's unsafe for your health, and we can't wash the virus out, so it's better buy new spike condom for new use. and spike condom's price is similar as the famous plain condom brand, such as durex condom or lifestyle condom, it's affordable for most consumers.