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Flavored condoms come in all different varieties

Author : Date : 2018-7-22 17:39:47

When you think every sexual accessory imaginable had been created, now flavored condoms are taking many bedrooms by storm and providing up a unique (and tasty) way to spice up your love life. These ingenious prophylactics are especially enjoyable for couples who love oral sex but want to take the extra step in practicing safe sex.
Flavored condoms come in all different varieties, and some may even be scented. As there are enough options available to match any couple’s tastes or bedroom desires. Oral sex can be an enjoyable and exciting part of any couple’s sex life. While receiving oral sex is not terribly unsafe, as there have been no reported or documented cases of HIV infecting the receiver of oral sex, this is not the case if you are giving oral sex. Giving oral sex absolutely can result in being infected with many types of sexually transmitted diseases. Use flavored condom for each oral sex. Email: