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Flavored lubes for a great tastier and smelling.

Author : Date : 2018-12-29 14:36:46

Do you prefer oral sex? If you are looking for a tasty and sweet smelling way to enjoy sexual acts, flavored lubes are the way to go. Appealing to these senses can enhance sexual pleasure and is especially nice for those who associate fruit with pleasure. Flavored lubes are great when used in connect with a flavored condom during oral sex.

Please note that some flavored lubes contain the sugar as an ingredient, which may lead to a yeast infection if used vaginally. Sugar promotes yeast growth and some women are more susceptible to this outcome than others. Also there are some brand which come up with a sugar-free formula. It can effectively prevent this unpleasant problem from occurring. To have your own brand lube, please feel free to contact us. Email: