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Self-lubricating condom makes user more pleasurable

Author : Date : 2018-10-18 17:20:13

Recently the scientists invented a self-lubricating condom which can improve user experience which becomes slippery on contact and could make sex more pleasurable.

The self lubricating condom is supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It could cut down on sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancies which makes condom more appealing to use. Comparing with normal latex condom which is pre-lubricated, the new condom not only could it cut down on sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancies, but also it becomes slippery in the presence of bodily fluid, or other liquids. It found that the new material dunked in water is 53 percent more slippery than natural rubber latex and approximately equal to that afforded by personal lubricant.

Are you interested in self-lubricating condoms which become slippery to the touch, making the lubricant last longer and deleting the need to add more lubricant during sex? The Scientists said it will come true about 2 years. Know more information, please contact us.